1. What will a student’s weekly schedule look like?

  • 3 academic courses every Wednesday night from 4:30-9:15pm with a 30 minute dinner break
  • Leadership practicum during all three Sunday services with lab time during the week
  • Students are encouraged to attend all church events as well as ministry specific gatherings (ie. Youth, Anchored, Young Professionals, etc)

Fall Semester: Dates & Breaks

  • September 13th, 2017- January 17th, 2018
  • Thanksgiving Break ( November 20th- November 25th)
  • Christmas Break ( December 17th- December 3oth)
  • Two outreach events (Dates TBD)

Spring Semester: Dates & Breaks

  • January 31st- May 23rd
  • Spring Break ( March 26th- March 31st)
  • Graduation ( May 30th)
  • Two outreach events ( Dates TBD)


2. What does it cost to be a student for Spring 2017?

  • $550/ semester

3. What are the classes we will be taking?
There are multitude of classes offered at SDCLC. To give you an idea, Fall 2017 classes may include:


  • Basic Doctrine 101
  • Basic Doctrine 102
  • Genesis
  • Holy Spirit
  • New Testament Survey
  • Life of Christ
  • Leadership

4. What are the Ministry/Lab options?

  • Youth San Diego
  • Children Ministry
  • Anchored Young Adults
  • Grow Track/ Assimilation
  • Pastoral Assistance/ Support
  • Social Media/ Marketing
  • Evangelism/ Outreach

5. Can I skip the 1st year if I already have college credits or ministry experience?

The intent of the program is for you to attend the 1st and 2nd year consecutively with the purpose of building on the foundation of our first year. Two years with SDCLC will develop leadership skills and provide practical training opportunities.

6. What are the degree options for a 2 year degree?


  • ATh (Associates degree in Theology)

7. What is the environment of the college?
We are located in the suburbs of San Diego in the beautiful 4s Ranch business park at The City Church. We are 20 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, 1 hour from Disneyland, and 2 hours from Hollywood. Our average temperature year round is 75 degrees and sunny!

8. Where can credits from SDCLC be transferred?
Credits transferable toward bible colleges such as Portland Bible College and Point Loma University. Transfer of credits differ from one school to the next and is not guaranteed.

Student Housing is not currently available. To add your name to an interest list for student housing, please email sdclc@thecitysd.org

9. Are scholarships available?
Scholarships are not currently available, however we do offer a very affordable Payment Plan.

Student Housing is not currently available. To add your name to an interest list for student housing, please email sdclc@thecitysd.org

For financial assistance please contact Sharoll Damron.